Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you, Duncan Keith!

8 months is a long time....

Finally time to grab the ol' laptop and talk some hockey.  And what better way to re-introduce one-self to the blogosphere by re-christening the blog.  I've been thinking for over a week for a new name for the blog, and came up empty.  Then it took a Norris Trophy nominated blueliner from the Windy City to suffer an injury only a hockey player would be able to withstand....and then return from in the same game (football players are such pussies).  Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth (sorry Duncan, I couldn't resist).

So it's time to write, and I've actually got time to do so.  Keep your eyes peeled for some scribblings and ruminations coming soon....after all, there's still 2 more days until the Stanley Cup Final begins.

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