Monday, September 7, 2009

This way to coverage at the T.C. Tourney

Ah, the joy of ownership of intellectual property....

I've decided to post my summaries of the games of the 2009 NHL Prospects Tournament back at the place where I started blogging in the first place: my page at  The site formerly known as Connect now is called NHL Fans, and it has recently undergone some technical changes which make it more like Facebook and other social networking sites (ugh).  Even so, I steadfastly refuse to sign up for Facebook or Twitter or those other places, and have elected to remain on board at NHL Fans. 

I will still keep the bulk of my writing material here at the Odd Man Rush, but my profile page will direct you to my NHL Fans page, which is where my blogs for the Prospects Tourney will be.  The user agreement for NHL Fans states you cannot post material which you post on NHL Fans anywhere else on the web.  I'd rather not test the powers that be (not this week anyway), so I'll provide a link to where you need to go.  In the meantime, I gotta get ready for Day 2.

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